Digital literacy encompasses the essential skills required to learn, work, and thrive in a society where communication and access to information are predominantly facilitated through digital technology. Possessing digital literacy skills enables individuals to effectively navigate the digital landscape and potentially compete in today’s market.

Through our digital literacy trainings,

  • 200 individuals were trained in digital literacy skills over a 3-month period.
  • Of these, over 80 have secured employment.
  • 5 individuals have successfully created their own jobs.
  • Additionally, 50 participants are now engaged in part-time data collection roles.

These achievements demonstrate the tangible impact of digital literacy training on employment opportunities and economic empowerment.

Through our business coaching initiative, we reached 60 refugee entrepreneurs, resulting in the formation of two business associations—one in Bidibidi and another in the Rhino Camp refugee settlement. These associations now provide small startup business loans to aspiring business owners. Our unique approach involves close collaboration with savings groups (VSLAs) composed of businesspeople. We offer tailored support, especially in digital business management.

Currently, Business Initiative and Development Organization (BIDO) and the Bidibidi Business Association (BBA) actively mentored businesspeople who are now mentors themselves. This initiative holds great potential for empowering refugee entrepreneurs and fostering economic resilience within the community.

Through our community and inter-school debates initiative, we reached 500 individuals.

This program included both inter-secondary and community policing debates. By participating in these activities, young people gained verbal resilience, enabling them to debate effectively and speak up about rights violations and pressing issues the community face. They also developed critical thinking skills, solution-oriented approaches, and leadership abilities through oratory speeches.

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