YFTC, with its objective to “Inform, Educate, and Inspire communities,” plays a crucial role in facilitating access to information for both refugee and host communities. The organization actively engages in peace-building and advocacy efforts, empowering women and girls by providing livelihood opportunities and improving access to knowledge on conflict resolution mechanisms. In addition to fighting hate speech, YFTC promotes self-reliance, resilience, and developmental activities at the grassroots level through capacity building. The organization received valuable support from UNHCR in the form of equipment like a Canon digital camera and rechargeable speakers, enhancing its capabilities for community sensitization, success story documentation, and event coverage.

In summary, the story highlights the transformation of a music group into YFTC, a community-based organization addressing various issues affecting residents in zone four Annex. The organization’s multifaceted approach includes peace-building, advocacy, and empowerment initiatives for women and girls, supported by in-kind contributions from UNHCR.