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In November 2016, residents of village five in zone four Annex, who had experienced trauma from war and displacement in South Sudan, received humanitarian support to mitigate their hardships. Among the initiatives was the creation of the music group “Rocket Family” by youth, providing entertainment through traditional music and dance across the ten villages of zone four. This grassroots effort evolved into the formation of Youth Focus on Transforming Communities (YFTC), a community-based organization headquartered in village five, addressing issues such as peace-building, advocacy, livelihood, and ICT. The organization gained legal recognition from Yumbe District Local Government and the Office of the Prime Minister..

Youth Focus on Transforming Communities is a refugee founded ICT centered, peace building, and advocacy youth led community-based organization, devoted to promote peace-building, Youth Empowerment, environmental conservation and advocacy activities. YFTC began as a community-based initiative with its Headquarters at Zone 4 Annex’s Bidibidi refugee settlement. The organization promotes youth, women and girls’ empowerment to create socio-economic innovation for women and girls, facilitates access to information to both refugee and host community while addressing grassroot concerns pertaining to conflicts within the communities and works towards creating an environment conducive for children, youth and women.

YFTC has a women department call “Response to Women Concerns” created to accelerate women and girls’ empowerment and to create socio-economic innovation for women and girls. The department builds capacities of refugee women and promotes self-resilience through community base protection, cultural heritage, Income Generating Activities, ICT, vocational skills trainings, agricultural activities, and the promotion and support of micro-enterprises.


To promote grass root sustainable initiatives, creativity, self-reliance, and innovations in the communities”.


To live in a peaceful, healthy, resilient and violence free community, where everyone holds the power to drive and influence positive change in their society

Key Objectives

  • To provide access to information and communication technology while strengthening Community mobilization, sensitization & awareness.
  • To improve the socio-economic conditions of the most vulnerable persons to sustain their livelihoods.
  • To improve knowledge and understanding of the community on conflict resolution mechanisms, ADR, conflict sensitivity and early warning & response systems.
  • To promote the presence and the role of young people as positive actors and advocates for change in the communities.
  • To build capacities and promote self-resilience through IGA, ICT, vocational skills trainings, music talent search, agricultural and non-agricultural activities, and micro-enterprises
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